Happy News

  • Happy News 22nd April 2020

    PETS AT HOME: All the pets at this animal shelter have been adopted!

    FOR the first time in the history of the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter,… View More

  • Happy News 16th April 2020

    HERO WALKER: A 99-year-old war veteran has raised millions for charity!

    CAPTAIN Tom Moore aimed to raise £1,000 for NHS charities, but at the time of… View More

  • Happy News 15th April 2020

    SUPERHERO BOY: This fan of heroes has become one himself!

    A BOY who loves a TV show about superheroes has become one himself. Fourteen-year-old Haruto… View More

  • Happy News 14th April 2020

    BLUE SKIES: Air pollution has dropped to record-low levels in India

    THE coronavirus outbreak has meant that there are no cars on the roads or factories… View More

  • Happy News 14th April 2020

    BEAR WITH IT: These two teddies are keeping a street entertained!

    TWO cheeky locals in Stockport are spending all day outside. But don’t worry, they’re not… View More

  • Happy News 10th April 2020

    DAD AND DAUGHTER CHEERLEADERS: These two have teamed up!

    A DAD who used to be a professional cheerleader has been showing his four-year-old daughter… View More

  • Happy News 10th April 2020

    WORKING TOGETHER: The African immigrants working to feed Italy

    IN 2011, lots of African immigrants, who were being treated poorly as fruit pickers, came… View More

  • Happy News 8th April 2020

    STREET SURPRISE: The whole street came out to sing Happy Birthday!

    A STREET under lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has come together to sing happy… View More

  • Happy News 8th April 2020

    PEN PALS AGAINST THE ODDS: Despite everything, these two write letters to each other

    A BOY from a London suburb and a girl from war-torn Yemen have managed to… View More

  • Happy News 7th April 2020

    SOCIAL-DISTANCING DINOS: This town put on a dinosaur parade!

    AN American town is beating the social-distancing blues in the most ridiculous and wonderful way… View More

  • Happy News 2nd April 2020

    YOUNG AT HEART! Elders play real-life Hungry Hungry Hippos

    WE’RE all going to be stuck at home for a little while and it’s easy… View More