WORKING TOGETHER: The African immigrants working to feed Italy

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IN 2011, lots of African immigrants, who were being treated poorly as fruit pickers, came together to start their own farm owned by all the workers.

The group, which is called Barikama, is now working harder than ever to get fruit and vegetables delivered to Italians on lockdown.

In an interview with The Guardian, one of the co-founders of Barikama explained the situation.

“The demand is higher than ever because people can’t go out, we’re working twice as hard as we’ve ever done. Every day all day is just farming and deliveries. Every day we’re getting new orders and we won’t stop working because people need us. Yet even though it is very hard, to feel useful to people in this awful moment makes me very happy.”

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The group take turns to man the local market stalls, and share the profits they make with each other. 

“Barikama” means “strength” or “resistance” in the Malian dialect Bambara, and the group say that together they feel like they’re resisting against how they were poorly treated.

While they hope that their farm continues to grow and improve, today they’re just glad they can help.

“It’s a beautiful thing that we are helping feed the community in these terrible times.”

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