20th October 2021

Take part in the First News Young UK Climate Challenge

FIRST NEWS is making sure the voices of UK children are heard at… View Poll

  • 20th October 2021

    If you use social media, how old were you when you began?

    A THIRD of American children aged 7-9 use social media, says a new poll. It… View Poll

  • 14th October 2021

    Should we ban flights within the UK?

    SHOULD UK domestic flights be banned to help protect the environment? That’s the question many… View Poll

  • 14th October 2021

    What do you think of LEGO’s decision on gender stereotypes?

    LEGO has announced it is building towards removing gender stereotypes (fixed ideas about boys… View Poll

  • 6th October 2021

    Should slang be banned in school?

    A SECONDARY school in London is banning pupils from using slang words in the classroom. View Poll

  • 28th September 2021

    Nominate your favourite book here!

    THIS week we’re celebrating books and the joy of reading with the return of Bath… View Poll

  • 27th September 2021

    Do you think causing disruption is a good way of protesting?

    A GROUP of environmental campaigners glued themselves to the M25 motorway to demand… View Poll

  • 15th September 2021

    Will you be getting the jab when it’s available?

    CHILDREN in the UK aged 12 to 15 are to be offered a dose of… View Poll

  • 15th September 2021

    Do you think it’s okay for parents or carers to share images of you heading back to school online?

    A DEBATE has begun around whether parents and carers should share pictures of children heading… View Poll

  • 8th September 2021

    Is one hour of gaming per day a fair limit?

    THE Chinese government has disappointed millions of kids, by setting strict limits on how long… View Poll

  • 18th August 2021

    Are you eating less meat than you were a year ago?

    COMPASSION in World Farming (CIWF) have written to the Government, urging it to take action… View Poll