28th February 2024

Would you prefer a shorter summer holiday if you had longer half-terms?

How would you feel about having a four-week summer holiday instead of six?… Vote Now

  • 28th February 2024

    Do you think deadly animals should be allowed to be kept as pets?

    A Wildlife charity has called for urgent new laws to restrict people from… Vote Now

  • 22nd February 2024

    Should all children be able to access nature no further than 15 minutes from where they live?

    The Government’s target for everyone in England to live 15 minutes from a green space… Vote Now

  • 21st February 2024

    What would you like to do with your extra leap day?

    We’re approaching the rarest date in our calendar – Thursday 29 February –… Vote Now

  • 21st February 2024

    Would you be happy to give up meat from farm animals to eat rice injected with lab-grown beef cells, instead?

    A lab in South Korea has created a special type of rice that… Vote Now

  • 21st February 2024

    Would it be better if games were available on all consoles?

    Four Microsoft Xbox videogames will be opened up to alternative platforms for the… Vote Now

  • 14th February 2024

    If you were old enough, would you vote in this year’s election?

    Almost half of the UK’s young voters might not take part in the… Vote Now

  • 14th February 2024

    Would you support this phone ban in your town?

    The small French village of Seine-Port has voted to ban adults and children… Vote Now

  • 7th February 2024

    Do you think it’s fair for billionaire bosses to get bonuses?

    A judge has hit the brakes on a £44 billion bonus that Elon… Vote Now

  • 31st January 2024

    Are you influenced to buy products you see on social media?

    Social media is being blamed for encouraging young children to buy anti-ageing skincare… Vote Now

  • 31st January 2024

    Should there be more mental health support in schools?

    Children’s mental health matters, which is why Children’s Mental Health Week (5-11 February)… Vote Now