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9th November 2018

Should the voting age go down to 16?

Today (Friday) the House of Commons debates whether younger people should be able to vote. View Poll

  • 2nd November 2018

    Do you think the ‘speaker of shame’ is a good idea?

    IN an attempt to stop people smoking near the doors of a hospital, managers have… View Poll

  • 26th October 2018

    Do you think the silent corridor rule is a good idea?

    A SECONDARY school in Birmingham is introducing a new silent corridor rule. From 5… View Poll

  • 19th October 2018

    Do you think pizzas should be smaller?

    PIZZAS and pies in restaurants look set to shrink because of plans to tackle child… View Poll

  • 16th October 2018

    How much do you know about wildlife? Enter our survey with WWF!

    HAVE you ever seen a badger? A fox? An owl?  Or even a parrot? First… View Poll

  • 12th October 2018

    Do you get good help with maths homework?

    PARENTS are struggling to help with their children’s maths homework, says a new survey. View Poll

  • 5th October 2018

    Should clapping be banned?

    Clapping has been banned at University of Manchester Students’ Union events, to avoid causing anxiety… View Poll

  • 28th September 2018

    Do you like PE?

    THOUSANDS of PE teachers are to receive new training, after it was found that almost… View Poll

  • 21st September 2018

    Do you prefer to chat with your friends online or in person?

    TWO thirds of American teens would prefer to hang out with their friends online, shows… View Poll

  • 14th September 2018

    Do you think it’s important to have a religion?

    RELIGIOUS education in schools needs a big change, says a new report. The two-year investigation… View Poll

  • 7th September 2018

    Should we keep the same time all year round?

    MOVING clocks back in the autumn and forward in the spring could become a thing… View Poll