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20th July 2018

Should we ditch digital devices for chalkboards?

HOW would you feel about swapping your iPad for a chalkboard? New… View Poll

  • 13th July 2018

    Should the UK have banned Donald Trump from visiting?

    THE special relationship between the UK and the US was being tested this week… View Poll

  • 13th July 2018

    Do you think it’s been a good World Cup?

    ENGLAND’S fantastic World Cup run has gripped the country and made an exciting tournament… View Poll

  • 6th July 2018

    Is an “enrichment week” a good idea?

    TAKING holidays during term-time causes one of the biggest arguments between schools and parents,… View Poll

  • 29th June 2018

    Have you ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object?

    SKY-WATCHERS of the world are coming together this Monday (2 July), for World UFO… View Poll

  • 22nd June 2018

    Do you think you can tell whether a news story is real or fake?

    ONLY 2% of children and young people in the UK are able to tell… View Poll

  • 18th June 2018

    Should junkfood ads be banned before 9pm?

    A POLL has shown that more than three-quarters of people want the Government to… View Poll

  • 15th June 2018

    Should a company like Steam be responsible for what they sell?

    THIS week, Valve Corporation, who runs an online store called Steam, where you can… View Poll

  • 8th June 2018

    Do you wish your parents were on their phones less and talking to you more?

    SIMON Cowell has revealed he is feeling much happier since getting rid of his… View Poll

  • 1st June 2018

    Is it right to refuse gig tickets that have been resold?

    SINGER Ed Sheeran is refusing to accept any tickets to his gigs that have… View Poll

  • 25th May 2018

    Should there be a ban on playing games like Fortnite for more than two hours a day?

    It’s the latest craze among kids, college students and even celebrities: Fortnite. In… View Poll