Do you feel safe online?


19th June 2024

WE launched the First News Children’s Party to give young people a voice in the general election conversation. This week we take a look at the manifesto topic of Online Safety, and we hear from young ambassador Maximilian.

“As young people today in the 21st century, we are faced with a mix of online issues ranging from cyberbullying to data protection and privacy violations. Addictive games, apps and platforms raise concerns for our mental health and wellbeing.

“We face online issues because more often than not our voices aren’t respected, aren’t heard, aren’t considered — even though we are the youth who account for one-third of technology users today.

The Big Ambition found that only 54% of children said they felt safe both online. This figure is ludicrous. If slightly over half the adult population felt safe walking down the street, something would be done to increase their safety and wellbeing. For children and young people this is even more necessary – we need to not only feel safe, but we truly need to be safe online.”

You can read the full report from Maximilian and the other young ambassadors at

Do you feel safe online?


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kb1. · 3 weeks ago

I have voted no because in school or at home when I am doing important assignments ads from google and other places just keep coming up. Some are inappropriate which is not safe.

laman123 · 2 weeks ago

It's sometimes safe

plinkyone · 2 weeks ago

On children's websites I feel safe but on online games not so much