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On this week’s FYI, we have a report from a young activist in Canada where climate change is happening right now, and we meet two boys who have come together to make a music video celebrating their differences. Plus, we speak to the stars of A Boy Called Christmas on the red carpet.

Next week on FYI: For Your Info, we have a special report with BMX champion Tre Whyte at a new cycling city academy which is all about giving more kids the opportunity to cycle. Plus we speak to one of the the stars of the new animated Christmas film, Robin Robin.

Watch six films by six young climate activists from six different continents, here. The films, made with Sky Kids, deliver a powerful message about how climate change is already having an impact on their lives, as world leaders gather in Glasgow for COP26.

FYI is a weekly news show presented entirely by kids for kids. It aims to answer your big questions about news, current affairs and politics.
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