Should smartphones be banned for under-16s?


19th June 2024

Young people have been saying adults just don’t get it when they say smartphones should be banned for children.

A poll by charity Parentkind, of 2,496 parents of school-aged children in England, showed more than half (58%) believe the next UK government should introduce a ban on smartphones for under-16s.

Meanwhile, headteachers in one UK city this week asked parents not to let their children have a smartphone until they are 14.

In a letter to parents, the 20 head teachers in St Albans said that, while phones can be useful for parents to keep in contact while their children are away from home, phones “do not need to have access to the internet” to keep children safe.

In 2018 the French Government brought in a law banning phones in schools for anyone under the age of 15. But, there are no similar laws about smartphones in the UK – yet.

Nine out of ten young people from the NSPCC’s Online Safety Youth Taskforce think it should stay that way. They voted that under-16s should have access to smartphones.

Should smartphones be banned for under-16s?


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katiebasey · 4 weeks ago

The phones are expensive and youngsters are clumsy

kb1. · 3 weeks ago

Some teenagers and children might need to contact their parents if they are walking back from school. Another thing is that a smartphone has a map so teenagers and children could use that to help them get to school. Plus much more homework is getting downloaded online on some websites like google classroom or acrobat. This rule could be changed because smartphones won't do any harm to children and teens. As you can see the government does not know that there can be educational games, homework uploads, school notifications and many more.

This is my opinion on smartphones being banned for under 16s.
Please don't ban it!

laman123 · 2 weeks ago

Yeah I would luv a smartphone

plinkyone · 2 weeks ago

Scammers might be looking for a young person to trick

myrealname · 2 weeks ago

If I couldn't contact my friends during the pandemic that would have been horrible for me

poopyman2 · 1 week ago