Are you pleased about the new PM?


4th July 2024


The Labour Party have won the 2024 general election and Sir Keir Starmer will be your new prime minister (PM). It is the first time since 2010 that the Conservative Party will not be in charge of the country.

Here are some top things to know about your new PM:

  • He used to be a lawyer – he became Sir Keir Starmer when he was knighted for his services to the criminal justice system.
  • He was elected to be the leader of the Labour Party, just five years after becoming a politician.
  • He will be the first Labour PM in 14 years!

First News launched the Children’s Party to make sure young people’s voices are heard by the new government. To learn more about the results, to watch explainers on the general election and to vote in more polls and more, head to

Are you pleased about the new PM?

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bonbon10 · 1 week ago

I am pleased because he is who my mum voted for