Is it ever okay to commit a crime when protesting about an important issue?


26th June 2024

Two Just Stop Oil campaigners broke into Stansted Airport and sprayed several jets with orange paint.

The pair cut through a fence and entered a private airfield, away from the main runway. It’s believed that Taylor Swift’s plane had landed there recently, but Essex Police said it wasn’t one of the aircraft that was sprayed.

The two activists, Cole Macdonald and Jennifer Kowalski, used fire extinguishers to shower planes with orange paint. Police officers arrested the pair on suspicion of criminal damage and trespassing. Passengers were reassured that the airport was operating normally.

Just Stop Oil posted a video of the protest on X (formerly Twitter). The environmental activist group wants the next government to agree to phase out all fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, by 2030.

The protest at Stansted took place one day after a similar stunt at Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Two Just Stop Oil campaigners threw orange powder paint at the historic landmark. It was removed in time for the summer solstice (the longest day of the year), but there was concern that the surface of the stones would be affected.

Previous Just Stop Oil protests have targeted the Royal Albert Hall and the National Gallery in London. The group has said that more demonstrations will take place around the world this summer.

Is it ever okay to commit a crime when protesting about an important issue?

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rumdumdum · 3 weeks ago

Of course it isn't okay to commit a crime for any reason!