Happy News

  • Happy News 4th March 2021

    These two boys ran over 100 kilometres for Great Ormand Street Hospital

    THESE two boys each ran more than 100 kilometres during February to raise money for… View More

  • Happy News 13th May 2020

    DRIVE-BY JOKES: This six-year old comedian is hosting a drive-by, walk-by jokes stand!

    CANADIAN child comedian Callaghan McLaughlin is trying to boost spirits in his neighbourhood by telling… View More

  • Happy News 4th June 2020

    MARATHON ACHIEVEMENT: A nine-year-old boy has raised loads of cash for a good cause!

    A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy with cerebral palsy has raised more than £92,000 by completing a marathon… View More

  • Happy News 21st May 2020

    HERO HOUND: Meet the dog who’s saved dozens of koala lives!

    MEET Bear, the rescue dog who’s saved more than 100 injured koalas in Australia. Hundreds… View More

  • Happy News 21st May 2020

    WHALE-Y GOOD NEWS: This year, Iceland won’t be killing any whales

    ICELAND’S biggest whaling companies aren’t killing any whales this year – which is very good… View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    LOADSA HONEY: Pakistan’s wild honey production is rocketing after the country planted lots of trees!

    HONEY production in Pakistan has increased by 70%, and it’s thought that’s because the country… View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    Check out this awesome poster for coronavirus-fighting heroes!

    WE love this poster from Aadya, at Kings Macclesfield school. View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    DOCTOR DONATIONS: TV Doctors are helping real ones out by donating equipment!

    THE people behind popular TV shows set in hospitals have donated useful PPE like masks, gowns… View More

  • Happy News 29th April 2020

    LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: Milan is rewriting the rules of its roads to reduce car usage

    MILAN is one of Europe’s most polluted cities – but after lockdown is lifted, that… View More

  • Happy News 23rd April 2020

    PEN PAL SUCCESS: This boy has received over a hundred letters!

    A LONELY boy whose mum asked online for pen pals has been inundated with hundreds… View More

  • Happy News 22nd April 2020

    SUN-POWERED: Germany had its best week of solar power ever!

    ALMOST a quarter of the energy used by Germany came from solar power during the… View More