Happy News

  • Happy News 13th May 2020

    DRIVE-BY JOKES: This six-year old comedian is hosting a drive-by, walk-by jokes stand!

    CANADIAN child comedian Callaghan McLaughlin is trying to boost spirits in his neighbourhood by telling… View More

  • Happy News 4th June 2020

    MARATHON ACHIEVEMENT: A nine-year-old boy has raised loads of cash for a good cause!

    A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy with cerebral palsy has raised more than £92,000 by completing a marathon… View More

  • Happy News 21st May 2020

    HERO HOUND: Meet the dog who’s saved dozens of koala lives!

    MEET Bear, the rescue dog who’s saved more than 100 injured koalas in Australia. Hundreds… View More

  • Happy News 21st May 2020

    WHALE-Y GOOD NEWS: This year, Iceland won’t be killing any whales

    ICELAND’S biggest whaling companies aren’t killing any whales this year – which is very good… View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    LOADSA HONEY: Pakistan’s wild honey production is rocketing after the country planted lots of trees!

    HONEY production in Pakistan has increased by 70%, and it’s thought that’s because the country… View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    Check out this awesome poster for coronavirus-fighting heroes!

    WE love this poster from Aadya, at Kings Macclesfield school. View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    DOCTOR DONATIONS: TV Doctors are helping real ones out by donating equipment!

    THE people behind popular TV shows set in hospitals have donated useful PPE like masks, gowns… View More

  • Happy News 29th April 2020

    LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: Milan is rewriting the rules of its roads to reduce car usage

    MILAN is one of Europe’s most polluted cities – but after lockdown is lifted, that… View More

  • Happy News 23rd April 2020

    PEN PAL SUCCESS: This boy has received over a hundred letters!

    A LONELY boy whose mum asked online for pen pals has been inundated with hundreds… View More

  • Happy News 22nd April 2020

    SUN-POWERED: Germany had its best week of solar power ever!

    ALMOST a quarter of the energy used by Germany came from solar power during the… View More

  • Happy News 22nd April 2020

    PETS AT HOME: All the pets at this animal shelter have been adopted!

    FOR the first time in the history of the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter,… View More