WHALE-Y GOOD NEWS: This year, Iceland won’t be killing any whales

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ICELAND’S biggest whaling companies aren’t killing any whales this year – which is very good news for whales!

One of the biggest Icelandic whaling businesses, IP-Utgerd, has announced that it will stop whaling altogether, while the largest whaling company in the country, Hvalur hf., has stopped whaling operations for the second year in a row. 

Conservationists hope that this means the end of whaling in the country, but they’re not certain it is.

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“This is indeed terrific news that for a second straight year, vulnerable fin whales will get a reprieve from Hvalur hf.’s harpoons, the sole fin whaling company,” said Fabienne McLellan, co-director of international relations at sea charity ‘Ocean Care’.

“Now is the time for Iceland to become an ethical whale watching, not whale killing nation.” said Rob Read, director of Sea Shepherd UK, a group that investigated the Hvalur whaling business.

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arya · 5 months ago


opalstar · 5 months ago

Great I love wales I hate killing.

katkid10 · 5 months ago

That is very good, but I don't get why people want to eat whale. (I bet that it tastes gross anyway.)

unicorn432 · 5 months ago


arya · 4 months ago

I agree it probably tastes disgusting! 🤢
Maybe it's just posh... 🤣

uni_corn · 4 months ago

Great!🐳 they shouldn't be killing them anyway

cocokoala · 4 months ago

I agree. You should be put in jail if you try to kill a whale 🐋 on purpose.

happy26 · 3 months ago

Whales are fascinating creatures !

brontefan1 · 2 months ago

I am glad!!!! :) if they kill one ore whale i will go MAD! :) (also call the police!)

brontefan1 · 2 months ago


crystallv · 3 weeks ago

I agree with all y’all cause just because whales 🐳 can’t talk and tell u how they feel obviously 🙄 they don’t want to be harmed or hurt