LOADSA HONEY: Pakistan’s wild honey production is rocketing after the country planted lots of trees!

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HONEY production in Pakistan has increased by 70%, and it’s thought that’s because the country planted hundreds of thousands of trees for the Billion Tree Tsunami.

Over the last few years, Pakistanis have been planting thousands of trees as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Billion Tree project, many of them in the Changa Manga region.

It looks like the project is now paying off, as beehives in Changa Manga are now worth lots more than they were just two years ago. This is because there are more bees and beehives, which are in turn making more honey.

A Changa Manga forest officer said he believed that 85% of the forest had been planted in the last few years, which is the reason for the unusual increase in bees.

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The Billion Tree Tsunami was started by Imran Khan in 2014 as a response to climate change. It was completed in 2017. In 2018, the Pakistani PM launched an even larger project called Plant for Pakistan, which should see ten billion trees planted.

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