DRIVE-BY JOKES: This six-year old comedian is hosting a drive-by, walk-by jokes stand!

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CANADIAN child comedian Callaghan McLaughlin is trying to boost spirits in his neighbourhood by telling jokes to others in lockdown – from a safe distance!

Being stuck at home isn’t typically very funny, but young Callaghan is trying his best to make it at least a bit more entertaining, by offering up jokes to those in his neighbourhood.

Initially, Callaghan wanted to sell lemonade – but had to mix things up once social-distancing rules were brought in. So, working with his parents, he set up the stand to tell his jokes free of charge to passersby. 

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His mum posted a picture of his stand on social media, and pretty quickly word got out, and Callaghan was on the receiving end of a whole load of attention!

The Canadian comedic actor Ryan Reynolds, who voices Detective Pikachu even got in touch to call Callaghan a hero!

Well done Callaghan!

Picture credits: Kelsea McLaughlin

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ameliau · 4 years ago


biggestbro · 4 years ago

so lovely

rainbow8 · 4 years ago

I want to know, what jokes does he say?!

arya · 4 years ago

😂This is such a great idea! More people should do things like this!

opalstar · 4 years ago

Totally cheered me up not feeling so good!

giraffe01 · 4 years ago

Cheered me up too!

katkid10 · 4 years ago


billiboi · 4 years ago

Lol 😂

uni_corn · 4 years ago

Cute . I hope he gets lots of money !

kaiete · 4 years ago

I agree! 👍🏾

han-han · 4 years ago

so cool if only I lived in canada😂

han-han · 4 years ago

It would be super cool to have a neighbor who tells me jokes every morning!💕😍

brontefan1 · 4 years ago

Wish I Had A Kid Tell Me Jokes Every Morning! Also a great idea! totaly should be a thing

meta · 4 years ago

so nice making other people happy not just sitting in is room

meta · 4 years ago

it would be so nice for a cheering up joke every morning so kind!!!!!!!!!!!

eribao · 4 years ago


billiboi · 4 years ago

Awwwwww so cute 🥰

ecool · 3 years ago

Keep on going, so nice of him to set a smile on people’s faces :-)

salamander · 3 years ago

cool dudes

gelatoni · 3 years ago

thats so funny and cool

unicorn432 · 3 years ago

I want him to tell me a joke

kittymoi · 3 years ago


vxninontt · 3 years ago

follow me on Tiktok lol

scarlet10 · 3 years ago

so so thought full l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fishgirl2 · 3 years ago

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Shh who?
That’s not very nice!

scarlet10 · 3 years ago


mothstar · 3 years ago


cat55 · 3 years ago

That is a lovely thing to do in these hard times! And remember, always try and be happy!

cat55 · 3 years ago

What is fast, loud and crunchy?

A rocket chip!!!

I hope you find this funny. Callaghan, well done!