SOCIAL-DISTANCING DINOS: This town put on a dinosaur parade!

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AN American town is beating the social-distancing blues in the most ridiculous and wonderful way possible: with a dinosaur parade!

It’s been millions of years since dinosaurs roamed the Earth – until last week, when a bunch of them went parading through the Bay View neighbourhood of Milwaukee.

Don’t worry though, it wasn’t because dozens of extinct creatures had risen from beneath the Earth – it was because local hero Stacy Meyer wanted to cheer everyone up! 

“A couple of friends and I wanted to do something just for the neighbourhood while people are sort of experiencing the monotony [boredom] of being socially isolated,” Stacy explained to a local newspaper.

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“If anything, just to give parents and families a little bit of a break, some joy, something different in their lives today.”

While the parade was definitely a lot of fun, it also reminded families of the rules of social distancing, as the multiple inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex that marched along the street kept two metres apart (with a little help from the parade’s grand marshal, Patty Thompson).

Across the world, people are thinking of plenty of brilliant ways to entertain each other during lockdown, but we reckon that this prehistoric parade is pretty unique!

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katkid10 · 4 years ago

Yay! I love dinos!

mothstar · 3 years ago

my uncle arntie and three of my cousins went foe a walk in the pump up dino. suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!