• 4th January 2023

    Do you think “new” sports like skateboarding should count towards PE exams?

    A YOUNG skateboarder wants schools to teach skateboarding to get young people to the Olympics. Vote Now

  • 14th December 2022

    Would you like to see more challenging walking routes where you live?

    BORING pavements in our towns and cities could be made more interesting by adding obstacles… Vote Now

  • 14th December 2022

    Is £70 too expensive for a videogame?

    MICROSOFT, which makes the Xbox, will begin selling its biggest games for $70 (likely £70)… Vote Now

  • 14th December 2022

    Were England unlucky to go out, or just not good enough?

    ENGLAND captain Harry Kane said that he’s “absolutely gutted” after missing a crucial penalty that… Vote Now

  • 7th December 2022

    Should the UK’s top earners be responsible for supporting charities?

    THE UK’s top earners are giving less money to charity than they did ten years… Vote Now

  • 1st December 2022

    Do you think awards should combine male and female categories?

    ONE of the stars of hit Netflix show The Crown has called for a gender-neutral… Vote Now

  • 1st December 2022

    Should key workers such as nurses and teachers be able to strike?

    THIS year has seen a big increase in the number of workers going on strike. Vote Now

  • 23rd November 2022

    Do you think kids should be allowed to drink alcohol?

    A BRITISH psychologist has said that children’s doctors need to do more to stop kids… Vote Now

  • 16th November 2022

    Will you take part in Buy Nothing Day by doing, well, nothing?

    BUY Nothing Day takes place on Friday 25 November. It’s a day when some people… Vote Now

  • 14th November 2022

    Should Matt Hancock be taking part in I’m A Celeb?

    MATT Hancock has faced lots of criticism after appearing on reality TV show,… Vote Now

  • 9th November 2022

    Do you think shooting these wolves with paintballs is the right thing to do?

    OFFICIALS in the Netherlands have said that park rangers in Arnhem province can shoot wolves… Vote Now