• 30th November 2018

    Should police ram suspects off their mopeds?

    Last week, dashcam footage released by police HQ Scotland Yard showed officers from the Scorpion… View Poll

  • 23rd November 2018

    Is banning designer coats a good way to make kids feel more equal?

    A SCHOOL in Merseyside is to ban pupils from wearing designer coats. The ban will… View Poll

  • 16th November 2018

    What meat alternatives would you be happy to eat?

    TAX should be added to red meat to improve health and save lives, says a… View Poll

  • 9th November 2018

    Should the voting age go down to 16?

    Today (Friday) the House of Commons debates whether younger people should be able to vote. View Poll

  • 2nd November 2018

    Do you think the ‘speaker of shame’ is a good idea?

    IN an attempt to stop people smoking near the doors of a hospital, managers have… View Poll

  • 26th October 2018

    Do you think the silent corridor rule is a good idea?

    A SECONDARY school in Birmingham is introducing a new silent corridor rule. From 5… View Poll

  • 19th October 2018

    Do you think pizzas should be smaller?

    PIZZAS and pies in restaurants look set to shrink because of plans to tackle child… View Poll

  • 16th October 2018

    How much do you know about wildlife? Enter our survey with WWF!

    HAVE you ever seen a badger? A fox? An owl?  Or even a parrot? First… View Poll

  • 12th October 2018

    Do you get good help with maths homework?

    PARENTS are struggling to help with their children’s maths homework, says a new survey. View Poll

  • 5th October 2018

    Should clapping be banned?

    Clapping has been banned at University of Manchester Students’ Union events, to avoid causing anxiety… View Poll

  • 28th September 2018

    Do you like PE?

    THOUSANDS of PE teachers are to receive new training, after it was found that almost… View Poll