• 27th January 2021

    Nearly a year after the pandemic began, do you prefer home learning or being at school?

    BACK in April 2020, around five weeks after the pandemic began, we asked you… Vote Now

  • 18th January 2021

    Would you eat insects if it helped to save the planet?

    ONE meat alternative that we haven’t talked about might gross you out a bit,… Vote Now

  • 15th January 2021

    Do you think Joe Biden will be a good president?

    PRESIDENT-ELECT Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday 20 January, meaning he becomes the 46th… Vote Now

  • 9th December 2020

    What’s the greatest Christmas film ever?

    SETTLING down at Christmas time and watching a festive film is one of our favourite… Vote Now

  • 2nd December 2020

    Do you want Christmas to involve big family gatherings this year?

    HOW merry should Christmas be? That’s the dilemma facing many families, as scientists recommend that… Vote Now

  • 27th November 2020

    Should the UK cut back on the amount of money it spends on overseas aid?

    THE Government is planning to pass new laws to reduce its overseas aid budget –… Vote Now

  • 18th November 2020

    After the recent vaccine news, do you feel more positive that the pandemic will end?

    THERE’S more good news when it comes to fighting COVID-19 – a new vaccine has… Vote Now

  • 6th November 2020

    Do you ever feel like you’re not normal?

    DO you ever feel like you’re different to everyone else or that you don’t fit… Vote Now

  • 2nd November 2020

    Should we cancel Christmas?

    TWO months to go and there is no doubt that whatever happens, Christmas will be… Vote Now

  • 23rd October 2020

    Do YOU get enough time to play?

    WE’RE working with the LEGO Foundation to look at the importance of learning through play. Vote Now

  • 23rd October 2020

    Based on your personality, which Big Top Academy character are you?

    Sponsored Poll CIRCUS school is out but the Big Top Bulletin is still… Vote Now