Should ice cream vans be banned to help reduce air pollution?


21st June 2023

A COUNCIL in London plans to ban ice cream vans in 33 streets.

Greenwich Council has put forward plans to stop the vans visiting the area due to concerns about them blocking roads, especially around busy tourist areas such as the Cutty Sark sailing ship.

There are also worries about air pollution, as ice cream vans leave their engines running even when they’re parked, in order to power their freezers and soft-serve machines.

Camden Council, also in London, banned ice cream vans in 40 of its streets back in 2019 over similar environmental concerns. The Mayor of London recently issued a high alert for air pollution in the city for the second time this year.

Should ice cream vans be banned to help reduce air pollution?


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rabbit789 · 8 months ago

As much as I want to save the environment I think no because some people really like ice cream and prefer the ones from the ice cream van so it would be unfair if they banned them.

lovelymrj · 8 months ago

why ice cream vans

mario49 · 8 months ago

We are no closer too the goal of net zero green world . There are healthier alternatives.

bonniebill · 8 months ago

Definitely not! Ice cream vans are the best!

monikasha · 8 months ago

I think they shouldn't put a ban on ice cream vans but they should put a ban on leaving their engines

lizard · 8 months ago

Although air pollution is bad I don’t think this is the solution as it won’t make much difference in my opinion because your going to have to deal with the problem properly either sooner or later

shruti_b · 8 months ago

I don't think ice cream vans are absolutely necessary. The ice cream van owners can still open ice cream stalls instead.

aces10 · 8 months ago

In some places, such as in car parks next to the beach, ice cream vans are 100% essential! However, in towns, there are many shops instead, which are also more affordable. I think ice cream vans should be banned in some areas, like these, as they create a huge amount of pollution when they are stationary for so long.

mia13 · 8 months ago

Yes because ice cream vans park near schools and children shouldn’t be breathing in all the air pollution.

marmoty100 · 8 months ago

Of course not, if ice cream vans are banned then why couldn’t fish and chip vans be banned?

kawh3 · 7 months ago

I think maybe