Should bikes have indicators just like cars and motorbikes?


14th June 2023

CYCLISTS in Italy are set to be forced to pay for insurance, number plates and indicators for their bikes and electric scooters to help boost road safety.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s transport minister, said that a new government bill would provide “more rules, more education and more safety on Italian roads”.

However, some people are concerned that the bill will stop some people from using bikes.

What do you think of his idea about indicators on bikes? Let us know by voting and commenting below!


Should bikes have indicators just like cars and motorbikes?


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uniquestar · 8 months ago

Otherwise you have to put your hand out to signal which way you are turning which is not safe.

bonniebill · 8 months ago

No, because it would cost a lot to get them put on, and you can use your arms to show if you are going left or right which would just be easier

aces10 · 8 months ago

At the moment, usually cyclists use their arms to indicate, which works, but can be difficult for people who aren’t as practiced at cycling. It might even cause more accidents by cyclists losing control. However, indicators might still cause a hassle, as well as being expensive. I think it should be up to the cyclists whether they use indicators.

superheroa · 7 months ago

If they want they can because it is their decision.

rawr12345 · 7 months ago

Yes because when you put your arm out a car might crash into it or you might get off-balanced and fall.