Which buttons do you think should be on TV remotes?


6th June 2023

THE BBC says TV remotes should come with a BBC on-demand iPlayer button, just like the Netflix one. 

The UK’s public broadcaster says it’s only fair that there should be a button linking through to the streaming services offered by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well. 

There are concerns about traditional broadcasters losing viewers, because of big deals made by companies such as Netflix with TV manufacturers including LG, Samsung and Sony. Lots of these manufacturers build remotes with Netflix and Disney+ buttons that take people straight to the streaming services. 

The BBC has also recommended ITVX and Channel 4’s streaming services have a similar button. The BBC has put the case to the Government as part of a review of broadcasting in the UK. 

Who do you think should get a button?

Which buttons do you think should be on TV remotes?


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potato14 · 9 months ago

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mrrickroll · 9 months ago

I personally never watch Netflix or Disney plus, so the buttons for them on my remote are useless. I do however watch a lot of BBC and channel 4, so I think they should definitely have their own button.

xiangxiang · 9 months ago

Companys that pay should have a TV remote button because you can't expect every TV remote to have a button and it's the TV company's choice.

stingray1 · 8 months ago

I think there shouldn't be buttons for on-demand streaming services because some old TV'S don't have on-demand access and even though it might make it easier for some people, I think they shouldn't have on-demand buttons. Also, someone might press it, and nothing happens. So they try again. And then it puts the TV into meltdown

eleran · 8 months ago

I think that only companies that pay should get a steaming button as otherwise if your paying for it then you can't access it quickly. Also if your a free streaming service you shouldn't get a button as if your not paying for it your basically getting it for free.

austria · 8 months ago

All companies deserve an equal chance.

This might put some people and kids off watching TV which will be god for them! (and read a book!)

bonniebill · 8 months ago

I think that depending on the person, people are mostly wanting to get on to Disney +, Netflix or Amazon meaning I think those should have a button as those are most used.