Are the adults or children better at recycling in your house?


6th June 2023

PEOPLE in England are going to be asked to put less in their recycling bins, because it turns out loads of us are putting things in there that can’t be recycled.

Government ministers want to crack down on what is being called ‘wishcycling’. This is where people are putting things like crisp packets, used kitchen roll and coffee cups along with other items that can’t be recycled in their recycling bins.

What local councils can recycle varies around the country, but putting rubbish that can’t be recycled in these bins makes it harder to separate the real recycling out and sometimes even makes it impossible, so entire batches of recycling have to be thrown away.

The UK charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) says that 84% of UK households make recycling errors – and younger people are more likely to make a mistake.

Top things that people think can be recycled but can’t are kitchen roll, straws, crisp packets, greasy takeaway pizza boxes and mirrors.

Who’s the best in your house at recycling?

Are the adults or children better at recycling in your house?


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mrrickroll · 9 months ago

For me, me and my parents are about equal.

eleran · 8 months ago

The adults are better as they've just been doing it for longer.

aces10 · 8 months ago

In my family, myself and my brother like to recycle as much as we can. My parents on the other hand, do recycle, but if they’re not sure whether something is recyclable, they would just bin it.