Would you like to have recorder lessons?


14th June 2023

DO you play the recorder? A top UK music school says fewer people are playing the woodwind instrument now.

Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester has revealed that it has seen an 80% decline in people playing the recorder in the past ten years. The school has reported that only three of its pupils practised the recorder, compared with 15 a decade ago. The school says Covid could be to blame, as the idea of blowing air everywhere wasn’t appealing during the pandemic.

Also, Covid stopped lots of children learning in a group with other people, so more children started taking up individual instruments, such as the piano.

The European Recorder Teachers Association says it’s working to increase numbers of people playing the recorder.

What do you think? Is the instrument just out of fashion or would you still like to learn how to play it? Vote below, and remember to leave a comment!


Would you like recorder lessons?


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bonniebill · 12 months ago

I have moved on from playing a recorder, and now play the trumpet. I think a recorder is a great way for a a young child to start learning music and start their musical journey.

aces10 · 12 months ago

My previous school used to pay for someone to teach the class a musical instrument once a fortnight, which was fun, and a good skill to learn.

aces10 · 12 months ago

I do quite a few after school activities inside and outside school, so learning a musical instrument with music practice as well would just add on to schoolwork and everything else.

rawr12345 · 11 months ago

In my school it is optional to have recorder lessons. In year 1 you get introduced and learn simple notes, and in year 2-4 you learn descant recorder pieces. Then in year 5-6 you can learn treble or alto recorder.

kawh3 · 11 months ago

Noo I got my piano