Would you be happy to eat lab-grown meat?


28th June 2023

TWO companies in the US have been given the go-ahead to sell chicken created in labs from animal cells. 

Singapore was the first country in the world to approve the sale of lab-grown, or ‘cultured’, meat. Now Upside Food and Good Meat have both been told their products are safe for people in the US to eat. 

Cultured meat can be created from cells taken directly from a living animal or a fertilised egg. These are placed in a tank with food to help them grow and multiply. After several weeks, the meat is taken out the tank and shaped into nuggets, sausages or other familiar products. 

Farming animals to eat has environmental impacts, from growing feed to dealing with animal waste. There are also other concerns, such as how some farm animals are treated. Growing food in labs could remove these worries. 

At first, cultured meat will only be sold at posh restaurants, as the amount of it is limited and it’s more expensive than traditional meat. Eventually, it could be stocked at supermarkets, but sales may be slow until the price comes down. In a survey, half of US adults said they’d be unlikely to try meat grown from cells. 

What about you? Would you be happy to eat lab-grown meat? Let us know in the comments!

Would you be happy to eat lab-grown meat?


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blackmamba · 8 months ago

I would as it would save many animals lives but the downside is that it would be quite expensive .

aces10 · 8 months ago

Personally, I don’t like the idea of eating an animal, but eating lab-grow meat removes that creepy thought. Starting to replace normal meat with ‘cultured’ meat would also benefit the environment, by needing to grow less feed and less roaming space for animals, as well as less methane produced by not as many cows. Once it becomes more widely available, I can’t think of a reason why lab-grown meat is not a good idea.

bonniebill · 8 months ago

It wouldn't taste as good as normal meat from an animal and it would have a lot of chemicals in, making it unhealthy.

marmoty100 · 8 months ago

No, even though it cuts down on killing animals it is better if you have it when it was alive at some point.

dolphin26 · 8 months ago

I wouldn't like to eat lab grown meat because as bonniebill said, it would have many chemicals in it, and also as blackmamba said it would be very expensive for all the tech and people into it.

superheroa · 7 months ago

I wouldn't eat lab grown meat because it would have lots of chemicals. Also real meat tastes really good and I woudn't give it up for lab grown meat.

kawh3 · 7 months ago

Naaaaaa wayyyy

15645 · 6 months ago

My dad owns a butchery so i have no choice

sum@2011 · 4 months ago