• 3rd May 2019

    Should the Government make the right to food one of its priorities?

    LAST week, we were in Westminster for the launch of the Children’s #Right2Food Charter,… View Poll

  • 26th April 2019

    Do you think SATs should be abolished from primary schools?

    LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that his party would abolish SATs once and… View Poll

  • 21st April 2019

    Do you think the youth climate protests are working?

    THOUSANDS of young activists brought a fresh wave of climate protests to the UK… View Poll

  • 12th April 2019

    Do you think we should get rid of wrapping paper?

    GETTING rid of wrapping paper would be great for the environment, says one children’s… View Poll

  • 5th April 2019

    Would you be more likely to choose Easter eggs with eco-packaging?

    EASTER is coming and, while we all love chocolate (some more than others… View Poll

  • 29th March 2019

    Should schools have therapy dogs?

    A TOP university official says that pupils’ mental health would improve if every school… View Poll

  • 22nd March 2019

    Does maths make you feel anxious?

    MANY school pupils across the country are experiencing something called “maths anxiety”, say scientists… View Poll

  • 20th March 2019

    These movies are all being shown at Luna Kids Cinema this year, but we want to know which one is your favourite!

    AHEAD of Luna Kids Cinema touring the UK later this year, we want to know… View Poll

  • 15th March 2019

    Do you think schools should be given more funding?

    THOUSANDS of head teachers have sent letters home with their pupils about money worries. View Poll

  • 4th March 2019

    Do you still shop on the high street?

    CITY centres across the UK could become “ghost towns”, a group of MPs has… View Poll

  • 22nd February 2019

    Should boys and girls be separated in sport?

    BOYS have been banned from taking part in this year’s netball competition at the… View Poll