• 14th September 2018

    Do you think it’s important to have a religion?

    RELIGIOUS education in schools needs a big change, says a new report. The two-year investigation… View Poll

  • 7th September 2018

    Should we keep the same time all year round?

    MOVING clocks back in the autumn and forward in the spring could become a thing… View Poll

  • 28th August 2018

    Would you buy art made by AI (artificial intelligence)?

    CHRISTIE’S in New York is set to become the first auction house to sell a… View Poll

  • 17th August 2018

    Do you think British Sign Language should be taught as a GCSE?

    A GCSE in British Sign Language could be introduced in the UK – and it’s… View Poll

  • 17th August 2018

    Who’s the best male football player?

    THE shortlist for FIFA’s male player of the year award – known as The Best… View Poll

  • 3rd August 2018

    Do you know what all the recycling symbols mean?

    A STUDY has shown half of us get confused by recycling symbols. A… View Poll

  • 27th July 2018

    Would you like to learn first aid at school?

    BY the year 2020, all pupils in England will be learning first aid skills… View Poll

  • 20th July 2018

    Should we ditch digital devices for chalkboards?

    HOW would you feel about swapping your iPad for a chalkboard? New… View Poll

  • 13th July 2018

    Should the UK have banned Donald Trump from visiting?

    THE special relationship between the UK and the US was being tested this week… View Poll

  • 13th July 2018

    Do you think it’s been a good World Cup?

    ENGLAND’S fantastic World Cup run has gripped the country and made an exciting tournament… View Poll

  • 6th July 2018

    Is an “enrichment week” a good idea?

    TAKING holidays during term-time causes one of the biggest arguments between schools and parents,… View Poll