Are you more affected by what adults say to you, or other kids?


14th September 2023

Children were asked what words were the most hurtful and upsetting, and which made them feel good about themselves.

Top five hurtful and damaging comments:

1. ‘You’re useless’ 59%
2. ‘You’re stupid’ 56%
3. ‘You can’t do anything right’ 52%
4. ‘You’re worthless’ 48%
5. ‘I’m ashamed of
you’ 48%

Top five most helpful and encouraging words:

1. ‘I am proud of you’ 89%
2. ‘You can do it’ 73%
3. ‘I believe in you’ 72%
4. ‘I’m here for you’ 62%
5. ‘It’s okay to make mistakes, you can learn from them’ 61%

Nearly two-thirds of children say hearing positive words and phrases made them feel encouraged, happy, good about themselves, loved/liked and confident.

First News wants to know if how adults talk to you affects you more than how other children talk to you. Let us know by taking part in our poll.

Are you more affected by what adults say to you, or other kids?


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shruti_b · 5 months ago

The fact that everyone voted for "Adults" just shows that we all look up to certain adults in our lives and that's why we get hurt when they say hurtful things to us.

annalls · 5 months ago

I think other kids, as it is more natural when adults say hurtful things and adults are not saying it to be mean, it's becuase they are stressed.

zachbuzu · 5 months ago

Its other kids, because adults teach children or tell them off for doing something wrong.

aces10 · 5 months ago

I find adults affect me more, because they know more about the world, so what they say is more likely to be true.