Should music be taught more in schools?


1st November 2023

Music has many benefits, but it’s not always a priority in schools.

Music has been proven to lift moods, improve blood flow, lower stress and raise dopamine (feel-good chemicals in the brain).

It’s one of the only things that works both sides of the brain. Even the Government has said it can change lives.

But it’s also very expensive to teach, and not all young people want to learn about music. Some people think more time should be spent on learning other subjects instead.

Should music be taught more in schools?


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bunny34 · 8 months ago

Yes because music 🎵🎶 really helps people connect and get good mental health.

austria · 8 months ago

Music is not an academic subject. However good it is for 'mental health' it should always be given much lower priority as it doesn't help you that much in life. Also salaries in the music sector are much lower on average than salaries in jobs that are academic (ICT, maths, english & science).

busboy1 · 7 months ago

I don't want more Music taught in schools as my school has 2 music teachers and one of them is not very nice, and it will be a 50/50 chance whether I get the nice one. I think if I had a different teacher, I might say yes.

elloesa · 7 months ago

it is fun and I do lots of music clubs so ,yes

lover897 · 4 months ago

love music and i play the piano and I'm on my first grade🎹