How many hours a day do you spend playing videogames?


18th October 2023

GAMERS around the world have been speaking about how their hobby helps them away from the screen.

They say it reduces their stress levels, boosts their mental health and helps to develop a range of skills for everyday life.

The Power of Play Global Report spoke to nearly 13,000 gamers from 12 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America.

While simply “having fun” is the main reason they play, they said it helps them through tough times, too. In total, 71% said it made them less stressed, and this figure rose to 78% for UK gamers.

Globally, 73% said their creativity had levelled-up thanks to gaming and 69% said it boosted both their teamwork and problem-solving abilities. On top of that, 67% agree playing videogames has the power to introduce people to new friends.

We love games at First News but it’s important to enjoy gaming in moderation. Neil O’Brien, a minister for Primary Care and Public Health, says: “Technology can be hugely beneficial – from developing problem-solving skills, to socialising and helping people ‘switch off’ and relax. As with anything, too much of it is a bad thing. We know gaming can be addictive.”

How many hours a day do you spend playing videogames?

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bunny34 · 4 months ago

I have 1 hour on Saturday and Sunday.
Because it's Roblox 👶 and it can rot your brain 🧠🧠 if you play too much of it.
So l have 1 hour a day.