Do you think the Government’s plastic ban goes far enough?


6th October 2023

The plastic knives and forks you typically get with your takeaways are history.

The same goes for polystyrene cups, trays and plastic balloon sticks. This is because, on Sunday, a ban came into force throughout England to stop businesses from giving out single-use plastic items to people.

‘Single-use’ means you only use it once, then throw it away. In England alone, it’s said that 2.7 billion pieces of mostly plastic cutlery and 721 million single-use plates are used every year. They usually can’t be recycled, so they end up in landfill sites where waste is dumped, taking hundreds of years to break down.

Rebecca Pow, the Government’s Environment Minister, says this latest ban on cutlery and containers will “protect the environment… stopping plastic pollution dirtying our streets and threatening our wildlife.”

Greenpeace UK says the ban doesn’t go far enough because some things are still allowed, like the plastic trays or bowls that shops use for ready meals.

Do you think the government's plastic ban goes far enough?


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kb1. · 5 months ago

There are lots of creatures like ants who can get affected by plastic .

xiangxiang · 5 months ago

There still plastic knives and forks is my local restaurants

dystopia · 5 months ago

Our earth's natural environment is decreasing rapidly. Everyone needs to do more to help the world we take so much from. Particuarly the government who have the power to make a real, big difference.

bunny34 · 4 months ago

No because just think about all the other plastic.
The incinerator, plastic food packagings,petrol cars.
I'm very surprised the government still hasn't banned buying petrol cars yet ,it's just not enough

Comment from bunny34

coola · 4 months ago

I think they should ban plastic in many more areas but even so, banning plastic knives and forks is an achievement in itself.

candyapple · 4 months ago

i voted no because lots of people still don't recycle plastics AT ALL. i think that the government should make not recycling illegal altogether :)

aces10 · 4 months ago

The government’s ban is a huge step in the right direction, but it’s still only halfway there. There is so much single use packaging that needs to be cut too.