Would you want a drone to deliver your shopping?


26th October 2023

Online retailer Amazon will start using drones to deliver orders to customers in the UK next year.

Amazon says drones will deliver parcels in under an hour, working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority to make sure the drones obey airspace rules.

Amazon already uses drones to deliver lightweight items in some parts of the USA, and David Carbon, the vice president of Amazon Prime Air, says it’s “absolutely safe”.

Would you want a drone to deliver your shopping?


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byzbee33 · 1 month ago

As I don't get out these day, now virtually housebound, I think this would be a good thing, you will know when its due to arrive, so can be ready to open the door, and receive your goods. Yes please. I would love to have a try

xiangxiang · 1 month ago

I would

veggierule · 1 month ago

Although the thought of a drone delivering my parcels sounds strange and a little worrying, I think that it would be more energy efficient by cutting down the CO2 emissions made by delivery vehicles.

bunny34 · 4 weeks ago

Not really because nothing would be safe being delivered.
But drones are a bit more dangerous for your fragile products and can run out of battery πŸ”‹πŸ”‹πŸ”‹
and may hit a plane if the go too high.
It's just that it's better for the planet as it's fully electric ⚑.
But I'd still not 🚫 like my packages to be delivered by a drone.

joannef · 4 weeks ago

Seen too many delivery drivers smashing down the items on the pavement or doormat!

oraly20 · 4 weeks ago

I believe when a drone delivers your shopping, it would be fun for children to open the door and there is no stranger-danger.