• 12th July 2019

    Would you be happy for your pets to donate blood?

    A NEW report has found that the majority of pet owners have no idea that… View Poll

  • 5th July 2019

    Is it unfair to ban all parents from sports days, or is the school right?

    BEING banned from sports day is occasionally used as a punishment for a pupil, but… View Poll

  • 28th June 2019

    Who do you want to win the Conservative Party leadership election?

    JUST two MPs remain in the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party: Boris… View Poll

  • 26th June 2019

    What would you like to be when you grow up?

    WE want to hear from you about what things you think you’d like to do… View Poll

  • 31st May 2019

    Do you think the ban on plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton buds goes far enough?

    THE Government has confirmed a ban on plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton buds in… View Poll

  • 24th May 2019

    Do you think your school should go meat-free one day a week?

    WHAT we eat is going to change, as our world changes. A new report has… View Poll

  • 17th May 2019

    Should there be a law for how much break time you get during the school day?

    SCHOOL break times have got shorter, and it’s damaging children. Those are the… View Poll

  • 17th May 2019

    Do you think shooting birds for sport is okay?

    Reports have highlighted the plight of pheasant and partridge chicks that are transported from… View Poll

  • 10th May 2019

    Would you like to go back to school for summer holiday activities?

    SCHOOLS could be open over the summer. The idea is that they would… View Poll

  • 10th May 2019

    Do you still use pennies?

    PENNIES are set to stay, as the Government announced there will be no… View Poll

  • 3rd May 2019

    Should this school save its pigs?

    A DEBATE has been raging over whether a school’s pigs should be slaughtered for… View Poll