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  • 4th May 2018

    Can you tell the time on a traditional clock?

    SCHOOLS are replacing conventional clocks with digital ones, to help pupils in exams. View Poll

  • 4th May 2018

    Should sweets be taxed for health reasons?

    THE price you pay for chocolate and sweets could be set to go up if… View Poll

  • 27th April 2018

    Is it a good idea to finish at lunchtime on Fridays?

    A BIRMINGHAM school is planning to let pupils go home at lunchtime on Fridays,… View Poll

  • 20th April 2018

    Would you be happy for Artificial Intelligence to write the books you read?

    IT’S been a Bad Week for Authors! A group called Botnik claims to have… View Poll

  • 20th April 2018

    Do you prefer watching movies at the cinema or streaming them at home?

    Dame Helen Mirren says fewer people are going to the cinema because they’re watching… View Poll

  • 13th April 2018

    Would you stay in a space hotel?

    IF you’re bored of beaches, caravans, hotels or ski slopes, how about a holiday… View Poll

  • 6th April 2018

    Would you return bottles to get money back?

    THE Government has announced plans for England to bring in a deposit return scheme for… View Poll

  • 30th March 2018

    Would you like your family to use a driverless car?

    THE GOVERNMENT wants to see fully autonomous (driverless) vehicles on the roads by 2021. A… View Poll

  • 30th March 2018

    What colour do you think a tennis ball is?

    A HUGE debate has been sparked over what colour a tennis ball is. Is… View Poll

  • 23rd March 2018

    Would you be happy to have SafeToNet on your phone?

    A NEW app has been developed that could help keep you safe online. View Poll

  • 23rd March 2018

    Do you think using tablet devices is bad for handwriting?

    TODDLERS are not getting to grips with pencils before starting school, and it’s affecting… View Poll