• 15th September 2021

    Will you be getting the jab when it’s available?

    CHILDREN in the UK aged 12 to 15 are to be offered a dose of… Vote Now

  • 15th September 2021

    Do you think it’s okay for parents or carers to share images of you heading back to school online?

    A DEBATE has begun around whether parents and carers should share pictures of children heading… Vote Now

  • 8th September 2021

    Is one hour of gaming per day a fair limit?

    THE Chinese government has disappointed millions of kids, by setting strict limits on how long… Vote Now

  • 18th August 2021

    Are you eating less meat than you were a year ago?

    COMPASSION in World Farming (CIWF) have written to the Government, urging it to take action… Vote Now

  • 12th August 2021

    What hobbies do you do to relax?

    TOM Daley has proved he’s not just a skilled diver, but he’s also an impressive… Vote Now

  • 4th August 2021

    Would you want to learn Latin at school?

    MORE pupils in England are set to be given Latin lessons, after Education Secretary Gavin… Vote Now

  • 28th July 2021

    How have you coped with self-isolation?

    DID you know that more than a million pupils in England were self-isolating at the… Vote Now

  • 24th July 2021

    Which ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks character is your favourite?

    Sponsored Poll INTERNATIONAL superstars Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor, are on… Vote Now

  • 22nd July 2021

    Should tourist flights into space go ahead?

    INTEREST in space tourism is rocketing, but some scientists are concerned about the environmental impact. Vote Now

  • 8th July 2021

    Are you interested in a career with the NHS?

    THIS week, as the National Health Service (NHS) celebrates its 73rd birthday, health chiefs are… Vote Now

  • 23rd June 2021

    Should unhealthy food and drinks be allowed to sponsor sport?

    FOOTBALLERS have been taking a stand against unhealthy drinks being promoted during the Euro 2020… Vote Now