• 8th July 2021

    Are you interested in a career with the NHS?

    THIS week, as the National Health Service (NHS) celebrates its 73rd birthday, health chiefs are… Vote Now

  • 23rd June 2021

    Should unhealthy food and drinks be allowed to sponsor sport?

    FOOTBALLERS have been taking a stand against unhealthy drinks being promoted during the Euro 2020… Vote Now

  • 20th June 2021

    What’s your favourite vegetable?

    ITV and Veg Power’s award-winning healthy eating campaign is back for a third year… Vote Now

  • 16th June 2021

    Do you think we should replace ‘Empire’ with ‘Excellence’?

    THERE have been calls to change a word in the titles given to people receiving… Vote Now

  • 12th June 2021

    Do you get hangry when you haven’t eaten for a while?

    HAVE you ever found your mood gets worse when you’re hungry? If so, you’re not… Vote Now

  • 2nd June 2021

    Should we try to control the weather?

    COULD hot countries control the weather to make it rain? That’s the question being asked… Vote Now

  • 26th May 2021

    How do you feel about drones being used for advertising?

    DRONE displays are being used for some expensive marketing stunts in China, but is it… Vote Now

  • 19th May 2021

    Have you been recycling more or less during the pandemic?

    GOVERNMENT data has shown that recycling rates in England dropped during the start of the… Vote Now

  • 15th May 2021

    Do you see your smartphone as a home that you can visit whenever?

    A NEW study from UCL has found that people ‘live’ in their smartphones. A team… Vote Now

  • 5th May 2021

    Do you think that it’s too risky for Brits to go on holiday in other countries this summer?

    NEW traffic light rules are being created so that people can go on holiday abroad. Vote Now

  • 28th April 2021

    At what age should kids be able to play alone outdoors?

    A STUDY into children’s play has shown that your parents were allowed to play alone… Vote Now