• 1st June 2023

    Do you feel school is preparing you for jobs?

    BRITISH manufacturing is facing a major crisis, as young people aren’t being trained in the… Vote Now

  • 29th May 2023

    How can other people be more empathic?

    ON 8 June, it’s Empathy Day – and we want to know your tips on… Vote Now

  • 24th May 2023

    Do you understand food nutrition labels?

    PEOPLE over the age of 11 should not eat more than 6g of salt a… Vote Now

  • 22nd May 2023

    Send us your questions about friendship!

    AHEAD of the NSPCC’s Childhood Day on Friday 9 June, we want you to submit… Vote Now

  • 18th May 2023

    Do you think the Prime Minister should take the train instead of flying by helicopter?

    PRIME Minister Rishi Sunak has been criticised for travelling by helicopter to Southampton and back… Vote Now

  • 19th April 2023

    Do you still use cash?

    THE demand for cash is at its lowest in 20 years, says the company that… Vote Now

  • 19th April 2023

    Would you feel comfortable being driven in a car that uses hands-free technology?

    THE first car that legally allows UK drivers to take their hands off the steering… Vote Now

  • 12th April 2023

    After eight films, are you interested in a Harry Potter TV series?

    TALKS of a Harry Potter TV show appear to be progressing after author JK Rowling… Vote Now

  • 11th April 2023

    Do you have a message for the new King and Queen?

    The coronation of their Majesties, King Charles III and Queen Camilla, is fast… Vote Now

  • 5th April 2023

    Should AI development be paused until there are safety rules?

    ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) experts and bosses of tech companies have called for a pause in… Vote Now

  • 5th April 2023

    Is it okay to call scientists boffins?

    SOME scientists have asked that they no longer be called ‘boffins’. Experts at the Institute… Vote Now