Do you think world leaders are listening?


29th November 2023

It was a kids takeover in First News this week – to mark COP28, we asked you to send in your messages to world leaders.

Isaac said: “Try and stop climate change or we won’t be able to survive on this planet.”

Eva says she wants “rescue centres for animals.”

Bertie has an inspirational message: “Our planet means so much to me (and every other child in the UK and beyond), and I would do anything to rescue it. You, as world leaders, have the power to save the world. I appreciate that it is not that simple, but please do everything possible to make an impact.

“These beautiful animals are suffering, and it is because of the selfishness of human beings. As much as 30% of our plants and animals are on course to become extinct in the next 100 years. This needs to change. And it must change now.”

But, the question is…

Do you think world leaders are listening?

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