Have you used AI to do school work for you?


1st November 2023

Pupils, teachers and school leaders took part in an AI (artificial intelligence) hackathon this week to explore how AI could supercharge the way you learn in school.

Secondary school pupils shared their knowledge of AI, while teachers looked at how AI could cut the time they spent on things like planning lessons and marking your work.

Now, teachers across the country will be given the AI tools to test and use.

However, while AI can help with learning, there are also concerns about how pupils use AI tools such as ChatGPT to do their work for them, like writing essays.

Have you used AI to do school work for you?


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bunny34 · 8 months ago

I have really but with permission to help us learn.
The thing is I wouldn't be using AI in school without permission because it's just really unhealthy.
If you use too much AI you won't get very good
GCSE results.
So I only use AI in school with permission.

lavu · 8 months ago

I have never used AI for work unless I was given permission. AI can be good but there are some disadvantages to it. For example, say you were assigned to write an essay, but your friend introduces you to ChatGPT (Version of AI) and says you can make the AI do the essay for you. Intrigued, you agree. You download ChatGPT on your phone and think it is completely fine, but you'd have been wrong. You hand in the prep with your teacher impressed at first. Later on, while you are at break time, your teacher starts to mark everyone’s essays, but notices yours is different to the way you write. She/he knows you do not do tutoring and gets a little panicked and decides to AI check your essay and it comes positive. She later gives you a detension. (I'm not saying this will happen, this is just a made up scenario. This isn’t meant to be you personally, it’s just meant to be a random kid.)

laxviji@gm · 8 months ago

I have used AI in school but only if I am asked to. If you do end up using Ai for schoolwork then you could get caught and probably get detention and, if it's for something important, get suspended! DO NOT USE AI FOR SCHOOLWORK!
Let's say that some random kid walks up to you and introduces you to an AI chatbot (like chatgpt) and says that you can use it for schoolwork. You agree (if you didn't everything will be fine) and decide use it for a not very important essay. The teacher is impressed at first but notices something different about your essay and decides you used an AI chatbot and gives you detention. However, if you were to use AI in the national creative writing contest (I made that up) you would get suspended and maybe even expelled! and in stuff like entrance exams and GCSEs you would get poorer marks. (This is not based on you)

elloesa · 8 months ago

why would I do such a silly thing: I won't get any good education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!