Would you like to be taught by robots, instead of teachers?


8th November 2023

Last week, First News’ partner Sky News show, FYI, spoke to Gillian Keegan, the Government’s schools boss, and to pupils about the use of AI in classrooms.

One topic that came up was whether AI robots could help – or even replace – teachers!

One student, Zainab, said: “I don’t want to see my teachers go but this might happen in the future if AI continues to evolve at the rate it has.”

Another student, Kanay, added: “I think we could have assistant robots that go round the classroom helping students who have a problem or something they don’t understand.”

Olivia, from Harris Academy Wimbledon, said: “We have to hope most people would prefer person-to-person learning.”

Gillian Keegan agreed: “Nobody would want it! Also, teachers are there to inspire you, to confide in, to educate you and spot when you’re not feeling too good. Every adult knows the teacher that changed their life. It’s not all about lessons – you remember how that teacher made you feel, gave you confidence and helped you. That’s what teachers do.”

Would you like to be taught by robots, instead of teachers?


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elloesa · 7 months ago

teachers are humans so are more important and kind. Also with the robots something might go wrong.

rumdumdum · 4 months ago

No beacuse 1. They can malfunction 2. Humans are more kind