• 9th February 2022

    Is wee fertiliser a cool idea or gross?

    AUSTRALIAN scientists are planning to use human wee to fertilise city parks. A new study… Vote Now

  • 2nd February 2022

    Would you trust a robot to perform surgery on you?

    A ROBOT has performed successful surgery on a pig. While robots have been helping with… Vote Now

  • 26th January 2022

    Should Wales be able to decide its own public holidays?

    A WELSH council has voted to make St David’s Day a public holiday for its… Vote Now

  • 19th January 2022

    Are you reading more books since the pandemic began?

    SALES of books in the UK surged to their highest level in ten years in… Vote Now

  • 12th January 2022

    Should we play the national anthem more?

    THE Government’s tech minister, Chris Philip, thinks the BBC should play God Save The… Vote Now

  • 6th January 2022

    Which of 2022’s banished words or phrases are you most tired of hearing?

    Every year since 1976, the university has produced a silly list of words and phrases… Vote Now

  • 6th January 2022

    In cases like this, is it okay to shoot a rare tiger to save a human life?

    A RARE Malayan tiger was shot and killed at Naples Zoo in Florida, after he… Vote Now

  • 6th January 2022

    Do you think UK car adverts should also advertise walking and cycling?

    FRENCH car adverts will have to promote cycling alongside the use of cars from 2022,… Vote Now

  • 3rd January 2022

    Do you feel that 2022 will be a more positive year?

    SCIENTISTS, politicians and business owners have been asking the UK’s governments to be honest about… Vote Now

  • 9th December 2021

    Do you think it should be law to have the COVID vaccine?

    CHILDREN in some parts of England are three times more likely to be vaccinated against… Vote Now

  • 26th November 2021

    Does your school have too many branded or badged items that you need?

    THE Government says that families in England “will save money” from next year, due to… Vote Now