• 7th September 2023

    Do you read for pleasure, or because you have to?

    Back to school might also mean ‘back to books’ for some of you, as new… Vote Now

  • 7th September 2023

    Is London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) a good idea?

    London is split over the fact that the whole city is now an Ultra Low… Vote Now

  • 31st August 2023

    Should we give up using straws completely?

    Paper drinking straws might not be any better for the planet than plastic ones. That’s… Vote Now

  • 24th August 2023

    Should the money spent on space travel be used for something more important?

    The FYI gang have been talking to a First News FYI News Club about the… Vote Now

  • 24th August 2023

    Should Nike sell replica England goalkeeper shirts?

    Although the Women’s World Cup was a massive success (see the front and back pages… Vote Now

  • 17th August 2023

    Should child-friendly packaging be avoided on high-sugar products?

    COLOURFUL, child-friendly packaging should be taken off cereal and yoghurt with high levels of sugar… Vote Now

  • 10th August 2023

    Are spaces for kids to play getting better or worse where you live?

    A NEW report says that lots of you are spending your summer holidays playing inside,… Vote Now

  • 2nd August 2023

    Is the Government right to drill for more oil and gas?

    PRIME Minister Rishi Sunak has announced hundreds of new oil and gas licences in the… Vote Now

  • 26th July 2023

    Should Mattel be giving out free Barbie dolls in schools?

    EXPERTS have criticised toy company Mattel for giving away free Barbie and Ken dolls to… Vote Now

  • 12th July 2023

    Should Ukraine be banned from using cluster bombs?

    THE US has agreed to provide new cluster bombs to Ukraine to use in its… Vote Now

  • 12th July 2023

    Should all new homes be built with swift bricks?

    ON 10 July, MPs debated the introduction of a law that would mean builders must… Vote Now