• 15th November 2019

    Should packed lunches be banned in schools?

    SCHOOLS should ban packed lunches and give pupils two free vegetarian meals every week, says… View Poll

  • 1st November 2019

    Should fireworks only be allowed four times a year to help scared animals?

    THE RSPCA wants to cut the use of fireworks because they scare pets. The animal… View Poll

  • 25th October 2019

    Will you make your own costume this Halloween?

    A SHOCKING new report has found that up to seven million Halloween costumes and… View Poll

  • 25th October 2019

    Do you agree with Sainsbury’s decision to stop selling fireworks

    SAINSBURY’S will not be selling fireworks this year, to help protect pets and tackle anti-social… View Poll

  • 18th October 2019

    Do you think recycling LEGO is a good idea?

    LEGO is trialling a new recycling scheme for unwanted bricks. The LEGO Replay scheme, which… View Poll

  • 4th October 2019

    Should vaccinations be made compulsory?

    Pupils who aren’t up to date with their vaccinations could be banned from school,… View Poll

  • 4th October 2019

    Do you think your family wastes too much food?

    WHEN you walk through your local supermarket, it’s hard to imagine anyone going… View Poll

  • 27th September 2019

    Would you eat insects if it helped to save the planet?

    ONE meat alternative that we haven’t talked about might gross you out a bit,… View Poll

  • 20th September 2019

    Would you give money to a telethon for the climate?

    A TELEVISION fundraiser in Denmark has raised 2.4 million euros (£2.6m) to be used… View Poll

  • 20th September 2019

    Are you eating less meat than a year ago?

    MEAT has been a hot topic lately – often when scientists, doctors or… View Poll

  • 13th September 2019

    Have any of your friends tried vaping?

    HEADTEACHERS are asking parents to be on the lookout for children as young as… View Poll