Would you want something like this in your town?


17th January 2024

It’s already home to Disney World, Universal Studios and just a few water parks, but Florida’s latest attraction has really got people buzzing!

That Game Show Place lets visitors live out their TV dreams and team up with family and friends to take part in a real-life game show – complete with a host, a cool studio, quick-fire questions, timers, buzzers and even snazzy special effects.

It’s been created by game show superfan Jonathon Page. He told local media: “It brings back memories of the family being together and everyone yelling answers at the TV!”

There are different games to choose from, and it starts from $25 (£20) per person.

Would you want something like this in your town?


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hollycat · 1 month ago

starts at £20 per person. We couldn’t pay that.

kb1. · 4 weeks ago

This would be fun

pingu999 · 3 weeks ago

It would so fun! The only downside is the price. It should be £20 per 4 people.

pingu999 · 3 weeks ago

*It would be so fun! 🤪🤪

saltyjeff · 2 weeks ago

We could go there some day and have lots of fun playing family games