If you were old enough, would you vote in this year’s election?


14th February 2024

Almost half of the UK’s young voters might not take part in the upcoming 2024 general election, new research reveals.

The survey by Prograd found that 22% of Generation Z (those born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s) voters don’t plan to vote, and another 21% are unsure.

Asked why, they said they feel their vote won’t matter, and candidates don’t represent them.

Marco Logiudice from Prograd said: “Politicians need to do more to captivate [attract] young people… Those that do have a real opportunity to swing the ballot.”

If you were old enough, would you vote in this year's election?


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kb1. · 2 months ago

If I was old enough I would vote because a good person would do well to run the state/UK

supersow · 2 months ago

I think this because we want our voices to be heard and we can do this by sharing our opinions by voting in elections

myrealname · 2 months ago

I vote for revolution 🙃