Do you think five years in prison is enough for stealing a cat or a dog?


24th January 2024

Our pet-loving nation may become a little safer for our furry friends soon, thanks to a new law.

The Government is expected to make ‘pet abduction’ a criminal offence. It means that people who steal cats and dogs would face a fine and up to five years in prison. It would apply to cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Stealing pets has always been illegal, so the threat of jail is nothing new. Up to now, though, cats and dogs have been classed as items of property. This new law would recognise them as living creatures that can feel, and takes into account the emotional distress that victims suffer.

Anna Firth, the Conservative MP for Southend West, is driving the change. She told the BBC: “I just find it unbelievable that we treat the loss of a living creature, a member of our family, as if it is a power tool or a laptop.”

Dogs are the most commonly-stolen pets. Research by Direct Line pet insurance estimated that six dogs were stolen every day in the UK in 2022. In 2023, Met Police figures showed that just 6% of pets reported stolen in London were returned to their owners.

Do you think five years in prison is enough for stealing a cat or a dog?

How long do you think the prison sentence should be? Comment below!


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hollycat · 1 month ago

If my pet was stolen I’d be devastated.

sing · 1 month ago

Our pets are a part of our lives and having them stolen is like stealing a family member. So shouldn’t they be punished as such

cheekyc · 1 month ago

I think that you should be made to help in an animal shelter to learn how much animals can help people instead of prison.

kb1. · 4 weeks ago

It should be 4 years.

pingu999 · 3 weeks ago


bonniebill · 3 weeks ago

Cats, dogs and many other pets are a big part of many people's lives so I think that if someone steals a cat or dog, they should spend as long as it takes to make them believe that it was the wrong thing to do.

rumdumdum · 3 weeks ago

20 years