Do you think it’s fair for billionaire bosses to get bonuses?


7th February 2024

A judge has hit the brakes on a £44 billion bonus that Elon Musk received from his electric car company, Tesla.

Musk received the bumper payout in 2018 for his performance as the company’s chief executive. It was the biggest ever bonus in US history and helped to make him the richest person in the world.

However, a shareholder in Tesla called Richard Tornetta argued it was too much.

Judge Kathaleen McCormick agreed that the deal was “unfathomable”. She said the Tesla directors who organised the pay-out were “perhaps starry-eyed” by Musk’s “superstar appeal”.

The bonus has been cancelled – and French businessman Bernard Arnault has overtaken Musk as the world’s richest person. Arnault has £168 billion, while Musk has £158 billion.

Do you think it's fair for billionaire bosses to get bonuses?

If you said no, who should receive the bonuses instead? Comment below!


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fidgetgirl · 3 weeks ago

The workers who help to make the company run should get the bonuses instead of only the bosses who already have a lot of money.

pingu999 · 3 weeks ago

They should give the bonuses to poor people since they don’t have the money.

great · 3 weeks ago

The billionaires should not have any bonuses because there are people in the world with hardly anything and are sacrificing everything so they can live. They deserve something too, while the billionaires can change their way of life by not being greedy and give more.

supersow · 3 weeks ago

I think think this because evreybody should then get money bonuses