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  • 19th January 2018

    Is it okay for one person to have so much money?

    There was good news for two men this week, including one who became… View Poll

  • 16th January 2018

    Do you want Donald Trump to visit the UK?

    DONALD Trump has cancelled his visit to the UK, which was planned for… View Poll

  • 11th January 2018

    Who is your favourite coach on The Voice?

    THE VOICE is back, so we sat down to chat with this year’s panel of… View Poll

  • 10th January 2018

    Are you guilty of gaming too much?

    COULD gaming be bad for you? The World Health Organization thinks so and has… View Poll

  • 4th January 2018

    Does social media stress you out?

    THE Children’s Commissioner for England is calling for all young people to be given advice… View Poll

  • 3rd January 2018

    Do you worry about the amount of sugar you’re eating and drinking?

    PARENTS are being encouraged to give children “two snacks max” a day to help… View Poll

  • 27th December 2017

    Snow: love it or hate it?

    AT this time of year, it’s a bit like marmite isn’t it? Some love it…… View Poll

  • 22nd December 2017

    Pick a New Year’s resolution for 2018…

    WHICH of these popular New Year’s resolutions are you choosing for 2018?  If yours isn’t listed, vote ‘Other’… View Poll

  • 14th December 2017

    Do you think phones should be banned at all times during the school day, including breaks?

    French kids soon won’t be allowed to use their phones at school, even during… View Poll

  • 11th December 2017

    Who is your favourite Jacqueline Wilson character?

    Children’s author Jacqueline Wilson has recorded a Christmas message for First News readers. You… View Poll

  • 6th December 2017

    Out of Spanish, Mandarin, French, Arabic and German, which language would you most like to learn?

    A NEW report from the British Council has revealed the languages everyone in the… View Poll