Should Nike sell replica England goalkeeper shirts?


24th August 2023

Although the Women’s World Cup was a massive success (see the front and back pages of the 25 August issue of First News), a few things have shown that women’s football still doesn’t get the same level of respect as men’s football – including from bosses at FIFA.

Gianni Infantino, the head of FIFA, was widely criticised for saying that women should “pick the right battles” when it came to promoting women’s football.

There’s also been lots of disappointment that Nike is still refusing to sell replica England goalkeeper shirts. England goalie Mary Earps has said the decision is “hugely hurtful” and a petition on now has more than 150,000 signatures. Earps even offered to pay for the shirts to be made, but Nike still said no, and has only said it’ll look at it for the next major tournament.

UPDATE: On Thursday 24 August, Nike changed its mind – sort of. The company said that “limited quantities” of goalkeeper shirts would be on sale on the websites of the England, USA, France and Netherlands teams, but didn’t say when or how many would be available.

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Should Nike sell replica England goalkeeper shirts?


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