Do you read for pleasure, or because you have to?


7th September 2023

Back to school might also mean ‘back to books’ for some of you, as new research shows that children’s enjoyment of reading is at an all-time low.

The National Literacy Trust (NLT) has found that right now, more than half (56.6%) of children aged 8-18 don’t enjoy reading in their free time. The rate among poorer children is even worse, and one in ten kids from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t have any books at home.

The worry is that poorer children will fall behind classmates whose families are better-off. The NLT says a third of disadvantaged children leave primary school below the expected reading level, and this stops them from reaching their potential later in life because they grow up without the tools to communicate. “Sparking a love of reading can change a child’s life,” said Martin Galway, Head of Schools Programmes at the NLT.

The start of the new school term could make things better. The research shows that children are more likely to enjoy reading if they have access to a quiet space, books that represent them, and support from teachers. The NLT is working to create more primary school libraries and to help children access diverse books and stories that have characters like them.

Francesca Simon, a best-selling author and NLT ambassador, said: “We cannot let a generation of children lose out on the benefits that reading can bring. We must work together to make sure every child has the safe space and access to books to start them on their reading journey.”

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Do you read for pleasure?


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stingray1 · 6 months ago

It is a bit of both for me because sometimes I will sit down and read a book. But sometimes my mum or dad have to tell me to do some reading before I actually do some.

splashy10 · 6 months ago

I love reading and I never read because I have to. At the moment in reading Matilda by Roald Dahl and I’m so engrossed in it I forget to just read a chapter every night!

coola · 5 months ago

I have always loved reading so I do it for pleasure. Personally, I like fiction more than non-fiction.

veggierule · 5 months ago

I found that my primary school made reading a chore rather than a fun activity, which made finding a book to really get into quite hard, but I slowly discovered new genres to read.

imkreative · 5 months ago

I had a passion for reading since a young age as I love how it paints a picture in my mind .

annalls · 5 months ago

I read for pleasure. If a book is good, I am literally glued to it and you can't take the book away from me. I don't rest until the problem is solved.

kb1. · 5 months ago

Thank you for letting my newspaper come 💖 I do read for pleasure

athenakid · 5 months ago

I love reading! But when someone tells me I have to read, it loses its appeal and I don’t want to.

athenakid · 5 months ago

I love reading! But when someone tells me I have to read, it loses its appeal and I don’t want to do it anymore.

kb1. · 4 months ago

I read because I get clever and know everything.