Should all new homes be built with swift bricks?


12th July 2023

ON 10 July, MPs debated the introduction of a law that would mean builders must use hollow bricks in all new housing, so that birds such as swifts, house sparrows and starlings have places to nest.

However, after an hour-long debate, the motion was rejected. The swift population has declined by at least 60% since 1995, with many new energy efficient houses sealing up the places where they would nest.

Writer Hannah Bourne-Taylor decided to take action by launching an online petition that gained more than 100,000 signatures. She said: “We can help these birds that have existed for 65 million years with a brick, and in return they will scream in delight.”

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was also in favour. She said: “If the swift goes, it will be its own tragedy but it’ll also be symbolic of so much else.” Conservative MP Dehenna Davison said: “More research is needed on how best we monitor and improve swift populations.

The Government do not at present intend to make swift bricks compulsory in new housing.” Mark Avery, co-founder of the Wild Justice organisation, said that it was a “disappointing debate”.

What do you think?

Should all new homes be built with swift bricks?


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potterwolf · 7 months ago

It’s very hard. I think that they should be able to nest, but not in our homes. Maybe make prop homes with Swift bricks and no one will be bothered.

aces10 · 7 months ago

If swift bricks mean less energy-efficient houses, definitely not. Saving energy, which is often produced with fossil fuels, is much better for the environment and climate change then supporting just one species. Also, there are many other ways we can help he birds, like planting trees.

laxviji@gm · 7 months ago

It should be a choice for the person who bought the house