Should Ukraine be banned from using cluster bombs?


12th July 2023

THE US has agreed to provide new cluster bombs to Ukraine to use in its fight against Russia.

The decision has been criticised by human rights groups, who say that the bombs can injure, or even kill, civilians.

The weapons release lots of small ‘bomblets’ that are supposed to explode when they land, but a significant number are duds, which means they don’t explode straight away. Instead, they blow up when they’re trodden on or picked up later.

Ukrainian forces have been running low on ammunition and desperately need new weapons. However, many say that these cluster bombs, which are banned by many countries, aren’t the answer.

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Should Ukraine be banned from using cluster bombs?


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potterwolf · 1 year ago

Yes because it can be dangerous for Ukraine too. The bombs that haven’t exploded could be in Ukraine, and just worsen the amount of people dead. · 12 months ago

Because the ones that did not explode might explode when the children come back and hit them.

eleran · 12 months ago

No because although they can be dangerous Russia is using worse weapons and although there banned in the UK there not in Ukraine so it's not illegal and it'll help fight the war against Russia

mia13 · 12 months ago

No they need to use better weapons anyway

kawh3 · 12 months ago

I meant they should be banned