• 2nd November 2022

    Have you ever eaten crisps from the fridge?

    MORE than three million people in the UK store their crisps in the fridge. That’s… Vote Now

  • 2nd November 2022

    Would you subscribe to a restaurant?

    FRANCE’S Del Arte chain of restaurants has begun to offer a subscription to its lunchtime… Vote Now

  • 26th October 2022

    Should we stop changing the clocks twice a year?

    AN expert in clean energy has said that by not turning the clocks back over… Vote Now

  • 26th October 2022

    Do you think you do enough physical activity?

    A NEW report from the United Nations’ World Health Organization has warned that almost 500… Vote Now

  • 21st October 2022

    Should private jets be banned?

    GREENPEACE in the Netherlands has said that private jets should be banned all across Europe,… Vote Now

  • 19th October 2022

    Would you watch adverts on streaming services if it saves your family money?

    NETFLIX is set to feature adverts for the first time in the UK from 3… Vote Now

  • 19th October 2022

    Would you support a longer school day to include clubs and activities?

    A NEW report from the Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, highlights a… Vote Now

  • 5th October 2022

    Do you think everywhere in the UK should have traffic schemes like Edinburgh?

    A NEW traffic scheme in Scotland that reduced speed limits has lowered the number of… Vote Now

  • 29th September 2022

    Would you give up Christmas lights to save money and to save the Earth?

    LATER this year, Britain will light up as Christmas approaches. Are houses covered in lights,… Vote Now

  • 7th September 2022

    Do you think it’s OK to test on insects in the name of science?

    SCIENTISTS have come up with a system that could allow cyborg cockroaches – part insect,… Vote Now

  • 24th August 2022

    What’s your favourite takeaway?

    A NEW poll has shown that fish and chips is less popular the younger you… Vote Now