Do you have a message for the new King and Queen?


11th April 2023

The coronation of their Majesties, King Charles III and Queen Camilla, is fast approaching!

There hasn’t been a coronation since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953, so the spectacle is something no-one at First News has seen before.

We will be covering the 6 May royal event in First News, but we want to make sure that our readers are part of the celebrations.

Alongside the official photos and events, we want to include your messages to our new King and Queen, which we’ll publish in First News and on our app.

You can submit your messages below, or ask an adult, maybe a teacher or parent, to send us your messages – both written and video messages accepted – to [email protected] putting Coronation in the subject box.

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mistywater · 10 months ago

This would actually be cool to have yours chosen and published!

lovelymrj · 10 months ago

If my message is chosen I will go crazy

sing · 10 months ago

I know right. I wish I got chosen but the changes and very low 😭

flojohello · 10 months ago

I really hope I get choosen this is such a big oppitunity.🤞

pinkyfox · 10 months ago

I never get chosen for this kind of thing

flower21 · 10 months ago

hope my message gets shortlisted too and I get a chance to visit our King and Queen.

beachgirl1 · 10 months ago

Dear King Charles
I hope you have a amazing coronation me and my friends will be celebrating your coronation you will be a brilliant king wish your wife Camilla a happy coronation she will be a great queen as well