After eight films, are you interested in a Harry Potter TV series?


12th April 2023

TALKS of a Harry Potter TV show appear to be progressing after author JK Rowling was said to be in talks with Warner Bros to become a producer on the show.

Rowling has creative control over any spin-offs from her books, so the TV company will need her on board before the show can be made.

But, with seven books, eight films, 12 videogames and a play, do we need more Harry Potter in our lives? What do you think?

After eight films, are you interested in a Harry Potter TV series?


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epicstar12 · 10 months ago

Not really,because we already have 7 novels and the main storyline has been complete, exception to the cursed child play script. And an extra TV show would require more storyline and it could ruin the general flow of Harry Potter.

mrrickroll · 10 months ago

I guess, and Harry potter is one of those series where you just want to know more. Why else would I have put way too long on Harry potter video games?

uniquestar · 10 months ago

yes, especially because I am only allowed to see the first movie if harry potter.
maybe the series could be more kid friendly though

ginny09876 · 10 months ago

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan so it’s very exciting! I don’t think it’ll be as good as the movies but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

candyapple · 10 months ago

Honestly, as much as I adore Harry Potter, I don't think we need a series!!! This is because Harry Potter would not seem right without Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe. Also, it would probably be shown on Netflix, and I don't have that, and other people without Netflix too wouldn't be able to watch it either. However, if they do go ahead with it, I would like to watch it to compare it to the films. 🤷‍♀️

lovelymrj · 10 months ago

If they make one I just really want it to be appropriate for younger kids

ramblebook · 10 months ago

No, because it is a money making machine😤

sing · 10 months ago

I love Harry Potter so much my wardrobe is full of Harry Potter stuff!! I can’t wait to see whether they go ahead or not! I think it is an amazing idea and they should totally go ahead with it

rabbit789 · 10 months ago

yes I am I'm a huge fan of harry potter but I dont mind what happens

crocclip46 · 10 months ago

We are really interested in it as we love the detail of the books and we are big Harry Potter fans. ✨😊😊

mimi365 · 10 months ago

I have always been a MASSIVE fan of Harry Potter. I’m really excited for the series!

coola · 10 months ago

Yes, but only if they keep the story line; others may find it rude if they change the whole storyline. However, some people may want more. It makes sense to have a Harry Potter TV series if there are the plays, movies and video games on it.

robro · 10 months ago

Yes because people love it and will want more. However, people may argue that it does not need to be changed.

aces10 · 10 months ago

Harry Potter is just one of those series that is full of magic, and so much detail that can be reread again and again. Although there is already quite a bit of Hogwarts magic in the world, a TV series that ‘is authentic to the original books’ is different to the films, and will be a different adaptation to how Warner Bros presented it.

aces10 · 10 months ago

Calling myself a Potterhead, I can’t think why anyone wouldn’t want more Harry Potter!

goatmaster · 10 months ago

The series would only be ready if it could beat the books and the films which I think is impossible

miarabbit · 10 months ago

I think it would be cool to have a tv show but it would also encourage people to be online more, because they would watch one part, and then want more and more and before you know it, they have spent the whole day/ night just watching a tv show

missgurl69 · 10 months ago

YES!!!!! I have always LOVED Harry Potter and to have a TV series is AMAZING!! I have read all the books about 50 times each and watched the movies about 20 times each ( I’m not kidding I really am that much if a Potterhead!) so having a TV series will be really cool, and hopefully fill in some of the gaps the movies left out. It will be kind of weird not to see the old actors in it though.

unitedgirl · 10 months ago

I voted yes because, as a big Harry Potter fan, I would like to see more of it, and if people don't like Harry Potter, it won't really affect them because they don't have to watch it if they are not interested in it.

bonniebill · 10 months ago

Yes, only if it was well made and a good set which matches the one in the films.

anonymous8 · 10 months ago

No because it can spoil the movies.

pinkyfox · 10 months ago

Yes, mainly because I am obsessed!!!

mothstar · 10 months ago

It would spoil the excitement of the film

anyu · 10 months ago

I am a big Harry Potter fan so the idea of a TV series is great ! Although, Harry Potter without Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint will be devastating , I am sure we could get used to new actresses and actors play popular parts

jojo77 · 10 months ago

I heard each series will cover one book . I am so glad because half of the story is missing from the movies

rabbit789 · 10 months ago

I have one thing to say. ABSOLUTELY! I am a huge harry potter fan and I would love a tv series. But maybe only the first year. As much as I like harry potter I think the other one's are quiet scary especially the chamber of secrets.

kb1. · 9 months ago

I am I have read the books and films

trixx · 9 months ago

nope they should totally make a series about the mauraders instead

pickle4 · 8 months ago

The 7 novels were my favourite but the films were completely different to the books and it would be great to see something so similar to the books , so yes , we do need a series !!!

rawr12345 · 7 months ago

Yes, because it will introduce the new generation to Harry Potter, and I am dying for new HP books!

kawh3 · 7 months ago

Yes. I would looooove it. Perhaps about Harry’s son?