Do you still use cash?


19th April 2023

THE demand for cash is at its lowest in 20 years, says the company that makes notes for Britain and other nations.

De La Rue, which designs and prints banknotes, said that the use of cash has fallen across the world since the Covid pandemic began.

Most shopping is done online now or with cards and contactless payments. As little as 15% of all payments are made in cash now.

Do you still use cash?


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rosehehe · 10 months ago

I never use cash because I find that contactless card payments are far easier and more eco-friendly for our environment.

xiangxiang · 10 months ago

It is unsafe to use cash because the cash might drop out of your wallet or your pocket. That's why my family doesn't use cash anymore

bonniebill · 10 months ago

I only ever use cash for a tuck shop or bake sale, but generally I just use my debit card!

dolphin26 · 10 months ago

I use cash as I do not have a phone or credit card (neither digital nor physical)

austria · 10 months ago

i don't care about eco-friendly and climate change.

it's less likely to be stolen

people can scam your card just by seeing the card number

fidgetgirl · 10 months ago

I still use cash as I get given it for pocket money when we have spare change.

crocclip46 · 10 months ago

CASH!!! big part of our lives, cash 💷

pinkyfox · 10 months ago

I don't have anything else to use but cash!

subriscribefirstnewscouk · 10 months ago

I still use cash to pay my drum teacher and our cleaner but otherwise, we nearly never use cash.

first@news · 10 months ago

Not 🚫 at all unless it is in a different currency like euros and dollars 💰 💶.

jannatstar · 10 months ago

Not only cash is a waste of paper but in the shop it is a waste of time looking for the right amount of money. Credit cards can scan quicker and safer to use. Secondly, Cash can also rip up and sometimes it’s dangerous to keep cash around.

coola · 10 months ago

I usually don't because it is awful for the environment and many places only allow contactless payments.

lavu · 10 months ago

I use cash, since it's much more easier to print out, and you don't have to create a whole bank account. ( which is far more hassle).

candyapple · 10 months ago

Well, I don't have a card so it's my only option if I want to buy something so yes

mothstar · 10 months ago

I don’t use any other ways of paying

coola · 10 months ago

I sometimes use it in a different country because they may use a different currency like euros or dollars

coola · 10 months ago

I sometimes use it in a different country because they may use a different currency like euros or dollars.

cooldude47 · 10 months ago

This is cool but I think it should be a harder question this one was pretty easy

aces10 · 10 months ago

Although it may be less practical or less eco-friendly, cash can be useful in many situations. For things like tuck shop and charity collections cash can be a lot easier to use. However, technology is making it a lot easier to transfer money easily - I saw something outside a shop where you can simply tap your card to donate to charity.

stingray1 · 10 months ago

Yes because my dad gets paid in cash most of the time because he is self employed I also don't have a card because most of the cards for kids you need to pay money for

lolokaro · 10 months ago

To be honest, cash isn’t as useful as it once was. There are some good things about it such as in school bake sales or enterprise fairs where cards is most likely not an option. However, it’s now just faster and easier to use credit cards even in supermarkets it’s easier so u don’t have to queue up for the cashier. Also, most people just online shop as it’s more convenient

rabbit789 · 10 months ago

I still use cash but I know who don't. PARENTS! my dad got £17 out of my piggy bank. MY one not his. He does not have a piggy bank though.

mrrickroll · 10 months ago

It is such a bad idea to not use cash. For one, all cards are traceable, and if you loose £5 or £10, it's not allot but if you loose a card, you could loose £1000's if anyone picks it up and spends money.

lionbro · 9 months ago

I barely use cash

lionbro · 9 months ago

plus if it is a different country it will be different

adikinzaal · 9 months ago

Cash is better for kids who can't afford a card or if they need to go shops only once and they don't shop many times. Would your parent let you use their card as it could have tons of money on it.

sailor31 · 9 months ago

I use cash even though I do have a bank account because it is much easier to know what I'm spending. Also, I don't allow contactless anyway on my card in case I lose it.

masculine · 9 months ago

I use cash to illegally deal toffees and refreshers at school, i need them to run my business.

ramblebook · 8 months ago

Yes because some people might not know how to use a card

laxviji@gm · 7 months ago

cash would be more likely to be stolen and also it would waste time while finding the right amount of it.