Escaped Nigerian schoolgirl says the “world has to do something” to bring her friends home



It’s been three years since an Islamist terrorist group called Boko Haram took 276 young girls from their secondary school in Nigeria. The incident caused outcry all over the globe.

Some of you may remember reading about this in First News in the past, especially around this time of year, as the event took place in April 2014.

But why is this story still in the news three years later? Sadly, it’s because the story is still ongoing; 195 of the schoolgirls are still missing.

A girl named Sa’a, who managed to escape from Boko Haram three years ago, recently spoke out to the world at the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai, saying: “These girls are human beings, not something we can forget about.”

During an emotional telling of her story, she stressed how, three years on, the “world has to do something” to rescue her missing friends.

Watch Sa’a tell her emotional story to the world above.

WARNING: This video contains descriptions that some viewers might fight upsetting. You may prefer to watch it with a grown-up. 

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Inventor22 · 4 years ago

"How old is she now?
from Charlie

sugarman · 4 years ago

I feel sory

harryrocks · 4 years ago

I feel sorry for all of the girls who experienced that.

loopymelon · 4 years ago

The world really needs to do something to get the schoolgirls back Sa'a is right. I agree with you sugarman I feel sorry.

PinaEgg123 · 4 years ago

This is soooooooooooo sad I mean how can they do this? Sa'a is AMAZINGLY brave for speaking out about this. WELL DONE SA'A!!! ♥♥♥