HELPING THE UK GROW is a brand-new movement to unite the country!


The pandemic has meant families and friends have been forced to spend time apart. But, as we continue in our efforts to defeat this virus, First News is looking forward to better times ahead when we will all pull together.

We are all part of one United Kingdom, rooting for our country. The pandemic has forced many of us to grow apart. But, looking ahead, we will be growing side by side.

From young to old, First News is urging everyone to play their part in Helping the UK Grow again.

So, today, we are launching the #HelpingTheUKGrow challenge by asking everyone to plant something as a symbol of hope and growth for all our futures. It might be bulbs in your garden, a tree at school, or cress on your windowsill. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, let’s all grow together.

To get involved, head here:

Each flower, herb, plant or tree will be shown on our #HelpingTheUKGrow map and every picture will form part of a countrywide mosaic.

We’d love all families and schools to share their photos and videos on social media and challenge someone else to join the movement, using the hashtag #HelpingTheUKGrow.

Together, we will grow through what we’ve been through. And, it is only by growing that we will blossom.

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