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WATCH: Check out the REAL LIFE version of Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak!


APPEAR to disappear with the all-new Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak! The Wizarding World inspired garment, makes it look like anyone or anything disappears using only a smart device. You won’t believe your eyes!

The magical illusion costume comes with a unique authentication code that allows users to unlock the Invisibility Cloak section within the free downloadable Wow! Stuff app for iOS and Android devices. While wearing the Invisibility Cloak illusion costume you can view, photograph or film yourself re-enacting iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films and then save to your camera roll. The Invisibility Cloak features authentic patterning as seen in the films and a green silk style interior.

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fishgirl2 · 3 months ago

I love this!!! :)

lfcrules · 3 months ago

Looks expensive

pig101 · 4 weeks ago

I love Harry Potter

kerinkerin · 3 weeks ago

I think it is a lot of money

gwenrat · 2 weeks ago

How much is it

naturewalk · 1 week ago