WATCH: These brothers swapped toys for charity donations this Christmas!

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Avid First News readers Archie and Monty Brown from London are swapping Christmas presents for donations this year!

The brothers are asking for money to give to their favourite charity, Right to Play. So far they have raised over £500.

The charity helps children affected by poverty, disease and war through sport and play.

Archie said “When it came to writing our Christmas list, this year, we looked around and realised we already had a lot of stuff. Mum suggested that it would be nice to give the toys we don’t need any more to charity but we thought we’d go one better and not receive gifts in return for people supporting the charity Right to Play.”

Monty said “I learnt that some children in the world don’t have a safe place to play and learn. I can run in my garden, play with my friends and go to school feeling safe and I want that for other children too.”

Go guys! You can find out more about the charity at:

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