Get involved with the Green Football Weekend’s Layer Up Challenge

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THE weather has been pretty chilly lately, so why not warm up and do your bit to help the planet by taking part in the Green Football Weekend Layer Up Challenge, Here’s how…

1. Find as many tops as you can – it can be a mix of T-shirts, football tops, jumpers, school uniform or anything you want.

2. Lay them out flat, one on top of the other.

3. Ask someone to film you or prop up your phone and turn on selfie-mode.

4. Set a timer and in 30 seconds, put on as many tops as you can, one on top of the other.

5. When the time’s up, count how many you managed, then challenge your friends to do better.

6. If you are old enough, and if you have your parents permission, you can post your videos on social media using #LayerUpChallenge #GreenFootballWeekend

Watch Tottenham fans Danny and Jojo taking part in The Layer Up Challenge above!

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