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Things To See And Do

BEING a superhero is the best thing ever, right? Wrong!

This hilarious series is absolutely brimming with superhero fun and action packed comics.

“A SPECTACULAR superhero story that fizzes with fun on every page!” – Liz Pichon, author of the bestselling TOM GATES series.

…and we’ve got the ENTIRE audiobook for you to listen to at the link below, to celebrate the launch of the third book in the series!

Here’s a quick summary…

Pizazz is a 9-year-old girl who has to juggle two lives at once. Her school life where she has to avoid her enemies, Serena and the populars and come up with a plan to thwart Serena’s dad’s evil plans. She also has to help save the world almost every day, which is obviously very tiring.


Listen to the audiobook here!

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